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1. Which of the following is the shortcut key combination for pasting copied text?;A. Ctrl + V;B. Ctrl + P;C. Ctrl + C;D. Ctrl + X;2. How do you change the top and bottom margins of an entire document?;A. Click on the Tools tab and then on Options.;B. Click the Page Layout tab and then the Orientation button.;C. Click on the View tab and then on Header and Footer.;D. Click the Page Layout tab and then the Margins button.;3. Users with a Microsoft account have access to an online storage and sharing system known as;A. SkyDrive.;B. Web Apps.;C. Office Anywhere.;D. Producer.;4. How would you insert a section break in a document?;A. Click the Section button in the Home tab.;B. Press Ctrl + Enter.;C. Click the Break button in the Insert tab.;D. Click the Breaks button in the Page Layout tab.;5. When saving a memo you created in Word, which one of the following extensions is automatically;assigned to the document?;A..docx;B..xlsx;C..gifx;D..htmx;6. Which of the following Word features allows you to copy multiple paragraph-formatting styles?A. Templates;B. Format Painter;C. Hyperlinks;D. Paragraph dialog box;7. The _______ is the area on your screen where you can access the tab and menu options for Word.;A. Ribbon;B. Backstage view;C. Navigation bar;D. Status bar;8. You've created a letter from a blank document. To format this letter with a unified font, colors, and;effects you'll apply a;A. theme.;B. style.;C. template.;D. gallery.;9. Default tab stops are set in Word every _______ inch.;A. ?;B. ?;C. ?;D. 1;10. Which of the following allows you to view and access important information about your document all;in one location?;A. Menu bar;B. Help icon;C. Status bar;D. Backstage view;11. _______ view focuses on the text and content of a document, without much information on the page;layout.;A. Draft;B. Outline;C. Print;D. Read;12. To insert text from a separate file into your Word document;A. click Text Box in the Insert tab.;B. click Text in the Object group, and then click Text from File.;C. You have to open the file and copy the text, then paste it into the document.;D. click the Object arrow in the Text group, and then click Text from File.;13. The merge process involves which two types of files?;A. Text and merge fields;B. Mail merge template and mailings;C. Main document and data source;D. Primary and secondary;14. If you want to have certain icons available regardless of what tab you're using, you should add them to;the;A. Home tab.;B. Quick Access toolbar.;C. Status bar.;D. Ribbon.;15. To reveal paragraph markers, such as spaces, hard returns, and tabs in your document, you should;A. right-click anywhere in the task bar and click the ? symbol.;B. click the Page Layout tab.;C. click the Show/Hide button.;D. click the General tab.;16. If you want to insert a column into an existing table, what would you do?;A. Click Column in the Insert tab.;B. Click in the Table Style Options group of the Design tab.;C. Click one of the insert buttons in the Rows & Columns group of the Layout tab.;D. Click one of the insert buttons in the Data group of the Layout tab.;17. DISREGARD #17;18. If you press the Tab key when you're in in the last cell of a table;A. the cell is divided.;B. a new row is added.;C. a new table is added.;D. a new column is added.;19. Formulas within table cells always begin withEnd of exam;A. an equals sign.;B. the AutoSum symbol.;C. parentheses.;D. a symbol that looks like a backwards F.;20. You send a report to your boss for feedback and she returns it to you with her edits noted in the;electronic file. This Word feature is called;A. Markup Changes.;B. Track Changes.;C. Online Edits.;D. Online Markup.


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