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MIS 589 Week 6 Textbook Questions, i Labs, Mini Case and DQ's




MIS 589 Networking Concepts and Applications;Week 6;Week 6: WANs, MANs, and the Internet - Discussion;Internet Architecture (Graded);The Internet is easily the mostly widely used and accessible network in the world. But how is it constructed? Many say the Internet is simply many separate networks connected together. Read Chapter 10 and look under the hood to see how the Internet is put together. What are some key pieces of the basic architecture of the Internet? What redundancies are built into the Internet, as presented in Chapter 10? Do some research on the current architecture of the Internet and on any planned changes.;Week 6: WANs, MANs, and the Internet - Discussion;Comparing WAN Architectures (Graded);When making the all-important decision of what type of WAN or MAN architecture to use, there are three choices: circuit-switched, VPN, and packet switched architectures. Compare and contrast each architecture. How are they unique? What do they share? What factors drive your decision?;Week 6 Assignments;MIS 589 Week 6 Chapter 10 (Cathy's Collectibles);Week 6 Assignment (iLab - LAN Modeling);Week 6 Individual Assignment, Chapters 9 and 10 Questions;Additional Study Reference Papers (Source 2)


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