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You are a network security specialist at Richman Investments, a mid-level financial investment and consulting firm. The Richman corporate headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Currently, there are eight branch offices in: Atlanta, Georgia Chicago, Illinois Cincinnati, Ohio Denver, Colorado Los Angeles, California Montreal, Canada New York City, New York Washington, D.C. You received an e-mail from your supervisor stating that you need to create an outline of the general security solutions planned for the safety of data and information that belongs to the organization. You are told that every month, the networking division needs to submit a report to the senior management about the security plan for the month, and your outline will become a part of that report.;You need to research the elements of a multilayered security plan and to create a detailed outline. Your outline should indicate one or more general security solutions for each of the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure.;Submission Requirements: Submit your outline in the form of a two-page Microsoft Word document, double-spaced, using APA format.


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