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This paper focuses on organizational behavior and how it impacts over the organization. Organizational behavior is the examining of individuals, teams and departments within an organization, reviewing their performance and employing new practices for enhanced performance. It entails the performance of the employees and how is employee activities related to the organizational performance. The comprehension of organizational behavior holds significance for the reasons as it can bring positive change within organization with introduction of new and improved practices.Organizaional behavior helps in to better comprehend these co relationships through approaches of organizational culture, diversity, communication, organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and organizational learning (Martin, 2004).;To have better understanding of these approaches we?ll discuss each briefly.;Organizational culture;Organizational culture is developed and formulated by the upper management and followed by all the employees of the organization. It can be developed either from the uniqueness of its employees or the indistinctively of its employees. "Organizational culture is a pattern of knowledge, belief, and behavior?it is the form, beliefs, norms, social patterns, the way things are done, the symbols and rituals" (Burton, Lauridsen, & Obel, 2004). Organizational culture entails the values, approaches and anticipations of an organization that direct it in its daily operations and communication. Organization behavior gives rise to organizational culture. In order to establish a strong culture the goals and objectives should be clear to the employees and they follow them to achieve better performance. (Bateman &Snell, 2007). A strong culture must address to the needs of overall goals and objectives of the organization. Strong culture should encourage strong communication among the organization such s feedback, opinions and advices from the employees as strong culture is based on this.;Diversity;Diversity entails the distinctiveness


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