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Homework 3 ? GUI and Classes;Problem;Create a Windows application that functions like a banking account register. Separate the business logic from the presentation layer (create a class with all the methods and properties). The graphical user interface should allow the user to input the account name, number, and balance. Provide textbox objects for withdrawals and deposits. A button should be available for clicking to process withdrawal and deposit transactions showing the new balance.;Requirements;1) Create a class called Customer with the appropriate data members and methods.;2) Create an object of the above class in the event methods.;3) Using proper naming conventions for constants (UPPER_CASE), variables (camelCase) and methods (PascalCase).;4) Output should be formatted properly.;5) Program should compile and run without errors.;Submission;1) Name your project: YourLastNameHW03;2) Upload the zip file on D2L;Sample Output


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