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SQL and queries!




Now we're getting to some exciting stuff ? SQL and queries! We have *touched on it* earlier and now this week it will be the primary focus of this discussion topic.;So what is SQL? What does SQL mean and what can you do with SQL? Make sure to use your own thoughts and words and elaborate your answers! Our discussions have been great so far, let?s keep up the good work!;Online reference:;(Click the link in the main topic for an illustration of how to navigate this site and especially its SQL Tutorial).;----------------------------------------------------------;Structured Query Language (SQL) is composed of commands that enable users to create databases and table structures, perform various types of data manipulation and data administration, and query the database to extract useful information.;A query is a question or task asked by an end user of a database in the form of SQL code.;We are going to look at creating queries from the Woodcraft database. Using the TDA description above, let?s start off answering questions A and B.


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