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QB) Can you answer following questions after analyzing the digital circuit and the given truth table for the MSI chip 74x138 in the Figure 2;a) What is function of this circuit?;b) Please draw the circuit implement the function N3N2N1N0? + N3?N2N1?N0? using Figure 2.;c) Suppose following changes are made in Figure 2: G2B of U2 is connected to N3 (instead of;logic ?0?), G1 of U2 is connected to logic ?1? (instead of N3), N3 is also connected to G1 of U1(G1 of U1 is no longer connected to 5V through R and G2A of U1 is connected to logic ?0? instead of N3). What will be the impact of these changes? How will you implement the above function now N3N2N1N0? + N3?N2N1?N0??


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