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Python Translator Program




Using Python, implement a translator. Need to create a dictionary to hold the terms to traslate or looking up. The dictionary can;translate languages, slang terms, error messages, present course descriptions for classes, provide definitions for diesases, give;reviews of restaurants or movies....your choice.;For example (translator illustration);Welcome to the translator!;0=Quit;1=look up a term;2 =Add a term;3=Redefine a term;4=Delete a term;Choice: 1;What wouldyou like to have translated? 404;404 means clueless. Web error message 404 means page not found.;Steps....;Createa dictionary, and display the dictionary inintially.;Give the user instruction on what to enter;Access dictionary values, using a key to reteive values;Test a key with the in operator before retriving a value.;Use the get() method to retrive a value;4. Understand dictionary requirements;A dictionary can't contain multiple item with the same key.;A key must be immutable. It can be a string, number or a tuple. [ A key must be immutable to make sure it is not changed to a;key which is already in the dictionary.];Values do nt have to e unique. Values can be nutable or immutable, whatever you'd like.


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