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Create a Visual Basic Windows application




Create a Visual Basic Windows application. Use the following for the solution, project, and form file, respectively: Cable Direct Solution, Cable Direct Project, and Main Form.vb. There are two list boxes, one labeled &"Premium Channels:&"and;one labeled &"Connections:&"The list boxes are named 1stPremium and 1stConnections. Display numbers from 0 through 20 in the 1stPremium control. Display numbers from 0 through 100 in the 1stConnections control. The Calculate Total Due button's Click event procedure;should calculate and display a customer's cable bill. The cable rates are shown below. Business customers must have at least one connection. The form's FormClosing event procedure should verify that the user wants to close the application. Use two functions;one to calculate and return the total due for business customers, and the other to calculate and return the total due for residential customers. I would like two radio buttons, one labeled business and one labeled residential. Cable rates: Residential customers;Processing fee: $4.50 Basic service fee: $30 Premium channels: $5 per channel Business customers: Processing fee: $16.50 Basic service fee: $80 for the first 10 connections, $4 for each additional connection Premium channels: $50 per channel for any number


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