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Java Program: "Arrays, Files, and Sorting"




Arrays, Files, and Sorting;Part 1 - Make a number Generator main class;1. Randomize a number as the count, store the count in a file named numbers.txt;2. Using the first randomized number, create a loop generating new randomized numbers;storing each new number on a new line in the text file each iteration.;example of what numbers.txt might look like;11;3;2;8;23;18;7;14;19;1;3;20;example of another run of your program's numbers.txt;5 - this is the count;12 - this is the first number;9 - second number;5 - third;22 - fourth;5 - and fifth number;?;Part 2 - make a new file, a Sorting main class;1. Load the numbers.txt file from Part 1 of this project and read the data into an array. p. 545;2. Sort the numbers loaded in from number.txt from low to high using any sorting algorithm you like (for example, insertion sort). p. 251;3. Create a file named numout.txt and store the sorted numbers in the file, each number on its own line. p.544;Part 3 - Strings;Make a list of 10 names, each on it's own line in a text editor and store them in a text file named names.txt. On the first line, however, type the number of name entries.;Part 4 - make a new file, a Names main class;Write a new class file with a main() method in the same project, use it to load in the names.txt, sort the names, and store them to a file called, nameout.txt. Each name on its own line.;example;if your names.txt file is;7;Bible, James;Skywalker, Luke;Hogan, Robert;Austin, Steve;Nelson, Anthony;Hawking, Stephen;Lucas, George;your nameout.txt should be;Austin, Steve;Bible, James;Hawking, Stephen;Hogan, Robert;Lucas, George;Nelson, Anthony;Skywalker, Luke;?


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