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You may find yourself needing to compose a variety of business letters. You will apply what you have learned to create effective business letters that present a professional appearance.;For this week's lab work, please complete the following: (NOTE: the files you will need for this week's lab work are located in Doc Sharing within a folder titled " Student Data Files ");? Make it Right: Formatting a Business Letter, page WD 194;? In the Lab: Lab 1: Creating a Letter with a Letterhead pages WD 195-196.;? In the Lab: Lab 2: Creating a Letter with a Letterhead and Table? pages WD 196-197.;Save your documents with a file name that includes your name course code-section number title.;? For example: JaneSmith_CGS2501-12_LabWork_3.docx;To submit your Lab work, go to the Dropbox at the top of your online course and click "Submit Assignment.;Submit this document to the Week 3: Lab Work basket in the Dropbox.


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