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29. The material sale of inventory items by a pare...




29. The material sale of inventory items by a parent company to an affiliated company a. enters the consolidated revenue computation only if the transfer was the result of arm's length bargaining. b. affects consolidated net income under a periodic inventory system but not under a perpetual inventory system. c. does not result in consolidated income until the merchandise is sold to outside entities. d. does not require a working paper adjustment if the merchandise was transferred at cost. 30. Williard Corporation regularly sells inventory items to its subsidiary, Petty, Inc. If unrealized profits in Petty's 20X1 year-end inventory exceed the unrealized profits in its 20X2 year-end inventory, 20X2 combined a. cost of sales will be less than consolidated cost of sales in 20X2. b. gross profit will be greater than consolidated gross profit in 20X2. c. sales will be less than consolidated sales in 20X2. d. cost of sales will be greater than consolidated cost of sales in 20X2. 31. Emron Company owns a 100% interest in the common stock of the Dietz Company. On January 1, 20X2, Emron sold Dietz a fixed asset that Dietz will use over a 5-year period. The asset was sold at a $5,000 profit. In the consolidated statements, this profit will a. not be recorded. b. be recognized over 5 years. c. be recognized in the year of sale. d. be recognized when the asset is resold to outside parties at the end of its period of use. 32. Perry, Inc. owns a 90% interest in Brown Corp. During 20X6, Brown sold $100,000 in merchandise to Perry at a 30% gross profit. Ten percent of the goods are unsold by Perry at year end. The noncontrolling interest will receive what gross profit as a result of these sales? a. $0 b. $2,700 c. $3,000 d. $27,000 33. On January 1, 20X1, Poe Corp. sold a machine for $900,000 to Saxe Corp., its wholly-owned subsidiary. Poe paid $1,100,000 for this machine. On the sale date, accumulated depreciation was $250,000. Poe estimated a $100,000 salvage value and depreciated the machine on the straight-line method over 20 years, a policy that Saxe continued. In Poe's December 31, 20X1, consolidated balance sheet, this machine should be included in cost and accumulated depreciation as Cost Accumulated Depreciation a. $1,100,000 $300,000 b. $1,100,000 $290,000 c. $ 900,000 $ 40,000 d. $ 850,000 $ 42,500 34. On 1/1/X1 Peck sells a machine with a $20,000 book value to its subsidiary Shea for $30,000. Shea intends to use the machine for 4 years. On 12/31/X2 Shea sells the machine to an outside party for $14,000. What amount of gain or (loss)for the sale of assets is reported on the consolidated financial statements? a. loss of $6,000 b. loss of $1,000 c. gain of $4,000 d. gain of $14,000


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