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ONLY THE SERIOUS TUTOR, WHO IS WILLING TO HANDLE IT,SEND ME SHAKE AFTER READING THE DETAILS COMPLETELY. THANKS;Note: I need both files of VISUAL STUDIO 2010 + SQL 2008 R2 DATA BASE BACKUP in a ZIP or RAR file.;Must create database seperately. Do not include it into visual studio. Must connect the data of visual studio to the database by connection string.;USING ASP.NET WITH C# LANGUAGE;THE NAME OF APPLICATION IS {DOCUMENTS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM};These are requirements;FOR USERS: Must include;? Users right to login with their registered ID and password in the application;? For new user there must be the option facility to create new account;? Facility for user to upload documents (like word file, pdf file, excel file etc),view documents, download documents, delete documents, share documents,search documents, E-mail documents.;FOR ADMIN: Must include;Admin right to add users, view report like (how many time any one user uploaded any document with date&time), delete users, upload documents, download documents, delete documents, search documents, E-mail documents and all the right to allow access to person with specific ID.


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