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Questions;1. (4 points) What is the "analog divide" and how can we distinguish it from the "digital divide"?;2. (6 points) Describe three ways according to Jeremy Moss that people in developing countries are currently disadvantaged because of lack of access to digital technology.;3. (4 points) What are some of the ethical and social issues associated with the development and use of expert systems (ES) and robotics?;4. (4 points) What is globalization? What impact could the outsourcing of highly skilled programming jobs, traditionally held by employees in American companies, to China and India have for the United States in the new global economy?;5. (4 points) Describe some of the health and safety issues associated with computers in the workplace.;6. (8 points) What is employee monitoring, and why is it controversial from an ethical perspective? What are some of the arguments used for and against the use of computers to monitor employees?;Make sure to;1) copy and paste the questions to a word document.;2) keep questions in bold font.;3) Answers should be in regular (not bold) font. each answer should follow its question.


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