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Create a Remote Access Control Policy Definition




In a two- to three-page essay, design and describe a remote access control policy that details the requirements for establishing secure access between remote offices located in Atlanta, San Francisco, Chicago, and Dallas. In order to communicate between these offices, you need to set up an information transfer system, including communication that is secure on both ends. Remember that securing remote communications may span two or more of the seven domains of a typical IT Infrastructure. Use this model to help guide you on the various aspects of the control policy. Support your essay with research on remote access control policies;Considerations;Consider whether to use a wide area network (WAN) or virtual private networking links.;Consider the security kernel for the specific environment, outline the security kernel when creating your essay.;Consider the physical and logical access controls when designing remote access.;Passwords should follow the best practice guidelines to strengthen security.;What are the pros and cons of methods such as Single Sign-On (SSO)? Weigh the user benefits to security risks when considering the remote access methods.;Submission Requirements;Submit your answers in a two- to three-page Microsoft Word document using APA style. Include references as necessary.Use 12-point, Arial font, and double spacing in your Microsoft Word document.


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