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1. Length: 4700 to 5000 words in the body of the paper. Note: graphics may be used to illustrate points of;the paper, but they must be documented in APA format, they do not count as words (a picture is NOT;worth a 1000 words here!), and they do not count towards the source count in requirement 3 if the source is;not also used in the text.;2. A properly prepared Title page, table of contents, and list of references shall be included in correct;placement within the paper, using correct APA formatting. NOTE: These do not count towards the;word limit given in requirement 1.;3. A minimum of ten reliable & verifiable sources which must be correctly cited in text AND in a reference;list using correct APA style formatting. Sources such as published texts, peer-reviewed journal articles;manufacturer's product information, government or professional society "white paper" reports, conference;proceedings, periodicals (newspapers or magazines). What are the things that usually don?t count as;reliable sources: 1. advertising literature cause people lie when they are trying to sell you something, and;2. Something you just googled on the internet, because unverifiable opinion is just that, somebody?s;opinion. If you want to use materials such as this as a source then it needs to done in such a way as to;acknowledge their unreliability as fact and how that unreliability is essential to the point of the topic.;4. APA formatting style to be applied throughout the paper (double spacing, headings, etc.).;5. The document should read as a professionally written paper. Correct spelling, use of English grammar;sentence & paragraph structure, and punctuation shall be displayed throughout the paper.;6. QUALITY: The paper should form a synthesis of the sources, not just a repeat of what you read. I want;you to show meaning, and understanding. Obviously each topic has some uniqueness to it that affects the;overall final structure of the document. However, here are some general things I want you to address in;your paper;a. An explanation of the Problem/Issue - An introduction which frames the topic and states in;general terms what the problem or issues involves.;b. Literature Review & State of the Art - A detailed discussion of current technology and;practices and how the problems or issues arise, are solved and/or how the technology is;utilized.;c. Future Implications - A discussion of solutions and where the problem is headed.;d. Summary ? Give your opinion based on what you have learned from your own;investigation and research into the issue.


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