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ECET 340 - WEEK 1 iLab




Contact me for customized LAB 1 with images of demo;----- Delete FROM this line ?;After reading these directions, please delete them;1 ? Go over ALL the recordings for iLab1;2 ? Understand the requirements for the design project (as outlined in the recording);3 ? Use the start-up code that has been provided to you;4 ? Along with this document, please submit a.ZIP file containing the directory structure with all the project and source code files. Name the file, and upload it dropBox, along with this document;5 - Once you are sure your Lab Report is complete, remove these lines, save and upload your word document to the dropBox.;? TO this line -----------;Laboratory Report Cover Sheet;DeVry University;College of Engineering and Information Sciences;Course Number: ECET-340;Professor;Laboratory Number: 1;Laboratory Title: LCDs and Keypad;Submittal Date: Click here to enter a date.;Objectives (1pts);Results (3pts);Conclusions (3pts);Team;Name;Program;Signature;Name;Program;Signature;Name;Program;Signature;Observations/Measurements;I. 1. Paste a couple of picture displaying the LED pattern associated with a key press (1pts/pic ? max 2 pictures) ? Part A of iLab1;I. 2. Paste a picture of the LCD displaying a message (1pts) ? Part B of iLab1;I. 3. P aste a picture of the LED display showing the keys that have been pressed (1pts) ? iLab1 Part C Solution;I. 4 Paste the WORKING code for the file containing your main(), the code from file keypad.c and the code from file keypad.h ? iLab1 Part C Solution (20pts) ? Your code must show the functionality demonstrated in the iLab1 recordings;Questions;1. What distinguishes a control data value from a character data value for the LCD module? (1pt);2. Describe the steps in the keypad polling routine (1pt);3. Draw a flow chart for the keypad LCD software code (1pt);4. Discuss challenges experienced in developing the keypad LCD software code (1pts)


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