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PLease read the article and give me a 2 pages if possible with NO PLAGRISM I KNOW THIS PAPER IS ONLINE BUT I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE YOUR OWN KNOWLEDGE OF THIS ASSIGNMENT MY CLASS IS CIS 515 DATABASE SYSTEMS AND THE TOPIC IS "DATABSE DEVELOPMENT.;3. Suggest three (3) maintenance plans and three (3) activities that could be performed in order to improve data quality.;4. From the software development methodologies described in the article titled, ?Process-centered Review of Object Oriented Software Development Methodologies,? complete the following.;a. Evaluate which method would be efficient for planning proactive concurrency control methods and lock granularities. Assess how your selected method can be used to minimize the database security risks that may occur within a multiuser environment.;b. Analyze how the verify method can be used to plan out system effectively and ensure that the number of transactions do not produce record-level locking while the database is in operation.;Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements


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