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(Financial application: print a tax table) Listing 3.5 gives a program to compute tax. Write a method for computing tax using the following header;public static double computeTax(int status, double taxableIncome);Use this method to write a program that prints a tax table for taxable income from $50,000 to $60,000 with intervals of $50 for all the following statuses;Taxable Single Married Joint or Married Head of;Income Qualifying Widow(er) Separate a House;50000 8688 6665 8688 7353;50050 8700 6673 8700 7365...;59950 11175 8158 11175 9840;60000 11188 8165 11188 9853;Hint: round the tax into integers using Math.round (i.e., Math.round(computeTax(status, taxableIncome)).


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