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CIS 207 Green Systems Mobile Tablet Proposal




Propose a new system for Riordan to use to improve its business.;A full description of the new system, a description of its components, and the benefit it will provide to Riordan;A discussion of the business requirements driving the need for the system;A discussion of the information used in the system;A discussion of any information security and ethical concerns with the system;A diagram of the information flow and any elements controlling proper access to the information it uses;A description of any proposed business process changes for the system, along with flow diagrams;A specific discussion on any Internet and mobile access components of the system;A description of how specific business requirement would drive the project's creation and use;A high-level discussion of how the system will be acquired and maintained;A discussion of the strategic role the system will play in the company;An executive summary of the project, succinctly summarizing the rest of the material in the paper;Four to six references;Begin working on the proposal for the new system.;Identify a specific system that would help improve Riordan's business.;Begin defining the system's business requirements.


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