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The two "legacy" solutions for broadband Internet access have been DSL and Cable Modem. Two rising competing solutions are fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), and broadband wireless with WiMax and/or LTE. FTTH guarantees gigabits/sec access speeds, paving the way for services like HDTV. FTTH service is being offered in certain areas by such providers as Verizon and AT&T. Google has been laying FTTH for a super-fast Internet. Some Cable companies are still squeezing more capacity out the coax cable, while waiting to ride the FTTH wave.;Answer the following 2 Questions: (Answer must be atleast 300 words);Discuss important trends in broadband solutions, from DSL to Cable to LTE/Wimax to FTTH and perhaps to satellites.;Contribute a main post, and respond to at least 2 classmates. Strive to enrich the discussion with links, references, citations, data, etc. for shared learning.


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