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Data is carried through networks by signals. A signal is transmitted over a physical medium according to some transmission technique(e. g., analog, digital, baseband, modulated, multiplexed, compressed, spread spectrum). Physical media include metallic cables, optical fibers, and the open air (chapter 7 in this week's reading is devoted to this topic). A transmission medium is characterized primarily by a raw bandwidth (in Hertz) and a level of "noise" that corrupts signal transmission. These 2 criteria determine basically the transmission speed in bits/sec. The speed keeps being enhanced by advanced transmission and signal processing techniques, like equalization, compression (source coding), OFDM, MIMO, code division multiplexing, and frequency hopping.;Answer the following 2 Questions below: (ANSWER MUST CONTAIN ATLEAST 300 WORDS);Discuss important issues in transmission media as well as transmission and signal processing techniques in networks.;Contribute a significant main post, and respond to and critique at least 2 posts from classmates


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