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Systems Architecture COMP 3024 2014 Assessment




Aim;The main aim of this assignment is to develop a high level systems architecture. The;project will be developed as a group (2-3 students). The systems architecture will be;broken down into individual sub-architectures. Each member of the team will produce a;report concerning their sub-architecture. The team as a whole will produce and present;the total architecture as an oral presentation to the class. The presentation and report are;due on the same date. The individual abstract is due on an earlier date.;The group must use a common architecture style.;The group must use a common architecture model and notation when defining the;architecture.;Your system will be a large scale spatial augmented reality for design and prototyping;system. There are two papers which provided a specification for the final system;1. M. R. Marner, R. T. Smith, S. R. Porter, M. M. Broecker, B. Close, and B. H.;Thomas, "Large Scale Spatial Augmented Reality for Design and Prototyping,;Handbook of Augmented Reality, pp. 231-254, 2011.;2. B. H. Thomas, G. S. Von Itzstein, R. Vernik, S. Porter, M. R. Marner, R. T.;Smith, M. Broecker, B. Close, S. Walker, S. Pickersgill, S. Kelly, and P.;Schumacher, "Spatial augmented reality support for design of complex physical;environments," in Pervasive Computing and Communications Workshops;(PERCOM Workshops), 2011 IEEE International Conference on, 2011, pp. 588-;593.;The final system does not have to include all the requirements from the two papers, but a;coherent and complete system must be designed. The space restrictions of the final;report will prevent all the details from being included. Remember this is a high level;document. During the tutorials students may gather more details.;Part 1 Requirements for Individual Abstract [20 marks];The length of the abstract is 300 words. This defines the particular portion of the software;architecture you will be design.;1. Provide a short overview of the sub-architecture.;2. Provide a short description of how your sub-architecture connects with the other;portions of the systems architecture.;3. Please do not go over the word limit, as over long abstracts may incur marks to be;deleted.;Part 2 Requirements for Individual Report [60 marks];1. [10 Marks] Quality of presentation. Please use the formatting rules for the IEEE;VR conference. Clarity of writing and presentation will be marked. See;;2. [10 Marks] Define the stakeholders for your sub-architecture.;3. [20 Marks] Define the sub-architecture;4. [10 Marks] Define the limitations of your sub-architecture.;5. [10 Marks] A summary providing an insight for the reader on the overall aspect of;this sub-architecture.;Part 3 Requirements for Group Presentation [20 marks];The presentation will be 10 minutes in length. There will one presentation for the entire;group. Everyone does NOT have to talk during the presentation. It is okay for just one;person to make the presentation. Everyone in the group will receive the same mark.;1. [5 Marks] Quality of presentation.;2. [5 Marks] Description of overall architecture.;3. [10 Marks] How each of the sub-architectures are combine and provide a;complete architecture.;Due Date;See the course web page.


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