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3-2. (Computing cash flows) Given the following in...




3-2. (Computing cash flows) Given the following information, prepare a statement of cash flows. Increase in accounts receivable $25??? Increase in inventories 30??? Operating income 75??? Interest expense 25??? Increase in accounts payable 25??? Dividends 15??? Increase in common stock 20??? Increase in net fixed assets 23??? Depreciation expense 12??? Income taxes 17??? Beginning cash 4-5. (Ratio analysis) The Mitchem Marble Company has a target current ratio of 2.0 but has experienced some difficulties financing its expanding sales in the past few months. At present the firm has a current ratio of 2.5 and current assets of $2.5 million. If Mitchem expands its receivables and inventories using its short-term line of credit, how much additional short-term funding can it borrow before its current ratio standard is reached,Michael, when I open up the excel it is blank. Help?,Thanks Mike, I noticed that alot of my classmates got a final answer of $5 and they start off like this: Operating Income $75 Interest Expense ($25) Income Tax ($17) Net Income $33


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