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Database DDL, and SQL queries. SIMPLE job




Hello there;I have a Database report I have written about a soccer app. The report includes everything needed to do this. All entities/relation, attributes and relationships are there. I just want you to build a simple DDL and SQL queries 10+ for the enterprise I have.;Please look at deliverable 4 in the attachment.;-------------------------------;Based on our discussion over the chat. I have included the file (.docx) that I need you to work on.;Also, I included the same file, but called "doc (2).pdf" but this one includes whatever changes the instructor needs to be changed in deliverable 2 and 3, before doing deliverable 4.;After finishing the necessary changes in deliverable 2, and 3 go ahead and do deliverable 4 which includes DDL and queries.;Finally, please always refer to the (project_overview.pdf) file for any confusion.;Get back to me if you have any questions.;Thank you.


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