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Written Assignment - Charts and Graphs in Spreadsheets




You have been hired by a local newspaper to conduct a survey of a sports team or player. The newspaper would like to print a chart or graph that highlights the accomplishments of this team or player.;For this module's assignment;Conduct some independent online research and locate relevant sports statistics for either a team or player of interest. If you are not a sports fan, then locate information for a historically significant example, such as Babe Ruth, or the U.S. Olympic hockey team.;Input your sports statistics into an Excel spreadsheet.;Using a chart or graph, include a relevant graphical representation of your sports statistics.;For instance, if you chose to catalog Babe Ruth's career batting average, your chart or graph might show the rise and fall of the batting average each year of his career.;You may be as imaginative and creative with your chart or graph as possible.


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