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project 1 case analysis




Project 1: Case Analysis;Identify two reported cases that have impacted the evidentiary process or analysis in digital forensic cases, student will cite the case and summarize the issue before the court, the majority of the analysis should be dedicated to the impact the cases had on the application of digital evidence in the criminal justice system or the manner in which the digital forensic analyst performs his/her function;Students may use an unreported case with the instructor?s approval, instructors may pre-identify the cases, and the project will begin with the summarizations. The two cases has to be different.;Project Requirements;4 full pages minimum (approximately 2 pages per case);Paper should be initiated with an introductory paragraph and ended with a conclusion;Cover page (not included in page count): course number, course title, title of paper, student?s name, date of submission;Format: 12 point font, double-space, one-inch margin;Bibliography/reference page (not included in page count): APA citation style, textbook included as a reference


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