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Active Directory Environment




Required ASAP 6 hours;University of Phoenix Material;Managing Access to an Active Directory Environment;Assume for this assignment that Kudler Fine Foods is running Windows Server ? 2008 R2. The company has three locations, each overseen by a store manager. Each store manager has access to a desktop, a laptop, and a printer/scanner/fax machine. This equipment is authorized for use according to the following rules;? The d esktop and laptop are authorized for use by the store manager, President Kathy Kudler, and the president?s administrative assistant.;? The p rinter/scanner/fax machine is authorized for use by the store employees where it is located, as well as President Kathy Kudler and the president?s administrative assistant.;? The d irector of s tore o perations can use any equipment in any location.;Design group objects to implement group policies to manage access to these resources. Document the group design using the following table;Name;Membership;Type;Scope;Permissions;During your work on the network operating system, you become concerned about threats such as disk failures, administrative errors, natural disasters, and the impact of unauthorized changes to data.;? How do you plan to recover from these types of loss of current AD DS and other critical information?;? What utilities might you investigate to help accomplish your plan?


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