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The topic is Cyber Security.....;This is your first essay in the course. The purpose of the course essays is to apply the knowledge you have accumulated throughout your college career, thereby demonstrating your mastery of the outcomes for a Bachelor?s Degree in Liberal Arts. Each essay is meant to be related to your subsequent essays. You will start with the first essay and identify what your field of study is within liberal arts (this can also be an area of focus, a depth or an area of interest). You are to focus on your area and extrapolate what you are learning through these essays. You are not to explore new fields in this course. The final project will be built upon all the essays you write prior to it. So, choose carefully what you plan to write about from the start! Everything is expected to interrelate.;This essay is the foundational start to your writing in this course. In this essay, you will write about a global issue in your field. For example, if your field is environmental studies, you might want to write this paper about global pollution (This example is being used because it is what Elder and Paul use in their article, Analytical Thinking. Remember, you cannot use pollution as your topic.) See page 6 in Elder and Paul?s article, Analytical Thinking, as an example.;In M1D2, you selected a topic for this paper. This was your first step. Here are the remaining steps to follow;Research your chosen topic in the EC Library. You can easily get to the library through the left-hand purple toolbar. The Liberal Arts Research Guide for Undergraduate Capstones is a useful place to start. You can use web sources that are scholarly. If you are not sure, please ask your instructor. Do not use Wikipedia.;Select three to five scholarly research pieces about your topic. To learn more about how to tell if the research you found is scholarly, please view EC Library?s video: Scholarly vs. Popular: What?s the difference?;Using the article by Elder and Paul, Analytical Thinking, refer to pages 5 and 6. On pages 5 and 6 are examples of how to apply the ?8 Elements of Reasoning.?;You cannot use ?pollution? as a topic, since that is the Elder and Paul example.;Write your responses to the list that Elder and Paul provide in narrative form, bulleted lists will not be accepted.;Use your references to support your answers.;This paper is to demonstrate your critical thinking skills. As such, you are to take what you have researched and analyze and synthesize what is written. You are to form educated responses to the Elder and Paul list, which means you need to include evidence from experts in your field.;Some remaining guidelines;Write 1250-1500 words;Double space;Include a title page;Refer to the SLA Writing Rubric for details on the grading expectations;Include a ?References? page using APA;Do not include an ?Abstract?;Use the APA style guide for your citations;Do not plagiarize ? to learn more about plagiarism, please see Excelsior?s OWL;Check for grammar ? all of the essays in this course must be grammatically correct. Consider using Grammarly or Smarthinking, which is a tutoring service.;Refer to Excelsior?s Online Writing Lab to assist you with your writing process.


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