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Hands-On Steps;1. From your computer workstation, create a new text document called DoD Lab #2.;2. Consider the following scenario;You work for a governmental unit of DoD and your manager has asked you to write a brief paper;outlining the importance of having the proper DoD-approved frameworks in place when an organization;wants to conduct business with a governmental unit. Your task is to evaluate all the available;DoD, IASE, and NIST hardening guides on the Internet and to write a brief analysis of the technical;controls and hardening guides that should be implemented as a minimum guideline for divisions of;government agencies such as yours.;3. Launch your Web browser. In the address box, type the Web address:;RegisteredSites/RegisteredSites.aspx. Review the DoD list of registered websites and review the content;of some of the information assurance sites. In your text document, list three of the DoD-registered;websites that provide guidelines and documents related to information assurance.;4. Change the Web address to Review the Defense Information Systems Agency;(DISA) website, focusing on the agency?s services and capabilities. Evaluate which services and;capabilities are relevant to the task of formulating a framework for secure government operations.;Next, type the Web address into the address bar, and review DISA?s;Information Assurance Support Environment.;5. Click the link for Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGS) in the left-hand column on the page.;Review the STIGs available, focusing on the following topics;a. Network Hardening Guides;b. Secure Remote Computing;c. Windows Operating Systems;d. Application Security;6. In your text document, write an executive summary that identifies two common auditing frameworks;used for DoD. Discuss these and be sure to include a discussion of the hardening guidelines and;security checklists used by DoD.;7. Submit the text document to your instructor as a deliverable for this lab.;Hands-On Steps 11;1;2;38412


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