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Authentic Assessment Project (WWTC)




Authentic Assessment Project (WWTC);See attached documents my part is below;Need 5 pages;My part;Security Policies/Network Security Design;This section will specify organizational security policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines in compliance with the appropriate laws and regulations. This section will lay out network security design implementing organizational security policies in compliance with the appropriate laws and regulations;Deliverable;Determine the most important assets of the company, which must be protected;Determine general security architecture for the company;Develop a list of 12specific policies that could be applied.;Write specific details along with the rationale for each policy;Review the written policies and select the 12 most important policies for inclusion in the Security Policy Document;Integrate and write up the final version of the Security Policy Document for submittal;Develop a High availability secure design for this locations addressing above considerations and mitigating 4 primary networks attacks categories mentioned below.;Write up specific role of devices will play in securing;Develop high level security diagram.


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