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Overview;Business units in the Department of Defense (DoD) have auditing frameworks that provide baseline requirements;and hardening guidelines to business units that a government network must meet. In this lab, you;identifi ed the requirements and hardening guides that provide a frame to which a government network;and business should adhere, you assessed the available sites under the Department of Defense (DoD);and identifi ed agencies in charge of providing security guidelines, and you reviewed the hardening and;best practice guidelines provided by DoD?s Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and Information;Assurance Support Environment (IASE).;Lab Assessment Questions & Answers;1. What is the difference between DITSCAP and DIACAP?;2. What is DCID 6/3 and why would you use DCID 6/3 as opposed to DIACAP for certifi cation and accreditation;of a system?;1;2;Assessment Worksheet 13;37524_Lab02_Pass3.indd 13 19/04/13 1:25 AM;3. What is C&A and what are the following acronyms that are related to the C&A process: DISN, GIG, PAA;DAA, and DISA?;4. What is the Defense Industrial Base Sector?;5. Who develops the configuration and validation requirements for IT products and services within DoD?;6. What is DoDD 8570.01?;14 Lab #2 | Align Auditing Frameworks for a Business Unit Within DoD;37524_Lab02_Pass3.indd 14 19/04/13 1:25 AM;Align Auditing Frameworks for;a Business Unit Within DoD;7. Find a copy of the DoDD 8570.01-M revision dated April 2010. What professional certifications comply;with the 8570.01-M specification and workforce development program as defined by the DoD?;8. What is the current, working URL for the DISA Military STIGs unclassified homepage?;9. Which DISA STIGs are currently available on the DISA Military STIGs unclassified homepage?;10. Why does the updated version of NIST 800-53a call for continuous monitoring?;1;2;Assessment Worksheet 15;37524


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