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CIS 534 Week 4 Discussion 1 and 2




DISCUSSION 1;Security Layers" Please respond to the following;? Analyze the seven security domains of a typical IT infrastructure and determine which two of the seven you would implement first for a nationwide bank. Explain your rationale for your choice.;? Explain the concept of incorporating redundancy throughout and corporate network. There are also times when redundancy can produce a false sense of security primarily based on how it is incorporated in a design. Explain such a case and how to overcome the falsehood.;DISCUSSION 2;Protecting the System" Please respond to the following;? Describe some drawbacks to hardening a computer system which is currently in a production environment and how the fears associated with those drawbacks can be put to rest. Propose how you would proceed in this environment.;? Assess the importance of implementing Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) as a security measure. Explain the value AAA holds throughout an organization?s network. Identify the layers of the open systems interconnection (OSI) model that are influenced by a typical AAA implementation or solution.


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