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JavaScript Assignment 2




Need help in assignment, I will leave the instructions below.;1) For this assignment, you will be adding JavaScript to your HW 6.;a. Create a third html page (called flowerForm.html). Follow the Hands on Activity 3-4 on pg 130 and save as flowerForm.html;b. Create a fourth html page (called flowerFormAction.html). Follow the Hands on Activity 3-5 on pg 130 and save as flowerFormAction.html;c. Add a nav section to all pages on your site (the two new and the two old pages). Have in the nav list the home page (linking to the index page) and your second, third, and forth html pages.;2) Follow the instructions under the Case Studies in Chp 3 on pg 130;I have created the html pages needed for the assignment, the nav does not need to be done as I will add that myself after the javascript has been completed.


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