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(The new features of your Master Document are in yellow);1- Document includes a Title page.;2- Document includes a Table of Contents that matches section headers (at least one;section should have at least two sub-sections).;3- Document includes a Table of Figures that matches figures in the document.;4- Body of the document to include;a. Document has content not just fluff.;b. A neat and logical arrangement.;c. A brief introduction.;d. Summary thoughts on the chosen subject.;e. Research on the chosen subject - may be included in the prior section.;f. Cover Letter Section.;g. Resume Section.;h. Flyer Section.;i. Footnotes (min. of 3).;j. Convert Footnotes to Endnotes.;k. Figures (min. of 3).;l. Spelling.;m. Grammar and Readability.;5- Turn on Track Changes in Word.;6- Add at least 3 comments to your Document.


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