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1 page ETHICAL HACKING training course proposal - Need tonight!!!!




Case Scenario: You have been hired as a curriculum designer by a school, college or other organization that provides training courses to students. (This can be anything from a grade school, college, trade school or even an organization (military/corporation/non-profit/government). One of the reasons you were hired was to address the low level of training or knowledge in a certain area. Therefore, for this entire Project Package, you are to develop and describe a course you would like to create for students or learners. (Examples include: Financial planning for high school students, Intercultural Etiquette for an Import-Export Business, Career planning for college students, etc.).;I HAVE CHOSEN THE TOPIC OF ETHICAL COMPUTER HACKING, AND NEED SOMEONE WHO CAN WRITE THE PAPER WITH THIS TOPIC.;What to do: In a memo of approximately one page or more, describe the proposed course you would like to create. Please use the ?Memo? style listed above. Microsoft Word has templates that you may use as well.;Please address your memo to me, The first sentence should read something like, ?I am writing to describe a ?Consumer Awareness? course for high school students.;In your memo, specifically and fully describe the following;? The problem or opportunity you are looking at solving (Why are you creating this course? What will students gain? For example, for the ?Consumer Awareness? course entitled above, you might write, ?To t each students to be smarter, well- informed, educated consumers, I propose a ?Consumer Awareness Course??).;? Your reasons for looking at this problem or opportunity (the need for the project). Example: why a ?Consumer Awareness? course is needed. ? Research show that young people tend to splurge on the most expensive and eye-pleasing products rather than buying quality products. Because of this, they easily get ripped off and find themselves in heavy debt by age 20.?;? Your preliminary ideas for improving or solving this problem or opportunity (What this course will involve: lectures, projects, field trips, guest speakers, etc.).;? Describe the audience of decision makers and others for the proposal and report you will write related to this project (Who is the decision maker for this project, possible stakeholders, and/or others interested in this project? ? The course will run subject to the approval of the Dean of the Business School, Business Faculty, student enrollment and annual budget.?);? The scope of this project (Keep the scope, or focus, of the project limited. What are a few things that will be need to be done to get the course up and running? During the course during, what are a few things that will be needed?);? Any preliminary knowledge or research of the topic (any research you might have about why the course is needed. If you look online, you will see many articles about what students are lacking: writing skills, math skills, critical thinking, etc.);The purpose of this assignment is to give your instructor an idea of what you intend to undertake for your project. Your intended project will be reviewed for appropriateness of topic, depth, and scope.;Note: Please be specific about your topic in your description and explain fully your idea, describing the items listed in the previous paragraph.;Your instructor is reviewing these descriptions as a project manager who is considering these topics for approval. Your instructor is looking at them as something you would do in the "real world", not as a class assignment.;Requirements: The minimum length is 1 single-spaced page, using a prescribed template.;Format: Submit your memo in the prescribed template or your own format using a text format, a MS Word format, or RTF format. Do not submit in an HTML or a PDF format.


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