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A company that issues check-cashing cards




;;A company that issues check-cashing cards uses an algorithm to create card numbers. The algorithm adds the digits of a four digit number, and then adds a fifth digit of 0 or 1 to make the sum of the digits even. The last digit in the number is called the check digit. Complete the seven problem-solving steps to develop a solution that accepts a four digits number into one variable, adds the check digit, and prints the original and new number. Test your flowchart with the following data: Original number = 4737 (47371) and 4631 (46310).;You may use any or all of these functions and principle of concatenation of strings.;Integer(X)-Integer function;String(X)-Numeric to string;Value(A)-String to numeric;;;Problem Analysis Chart;Given Data;Required Results.;Processing Required;Solution Alternatives;Interactivity Chart;The IPO Chart;Input;Processing;Module Reference;Output;Coupling Diagram;S = variable name;Data Dictionary;Item;Variable Name;Data Type;Module;Scope;Pseudonyms;Error Checks;


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