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Programming Quiz Two




;;1. What happens right after the identification of classes in the object-oriented design process?;Determining the class responsibilities;Determining class interaction;Creating UML diagram;Developing SOW;Question 2.2. In object-oriented programming, inheritance is transitive, that means a child class _____.;inherits only from its parent class;inherits only selected methods and fields;inherits all the methods and fields of all its ancestors;does not inherit any methods or fields;Question 3.3. Which of the following are benefits of using inheritance?;Smaller chance of errors;Code is more manageable;Prevents the need to duplicate code, and therefore creates efficiency in the programming process;All of the above;None of the above;Question 4.4. Which of the following statements are true?;Interfaces contain one and only one implemented method, a constructor.;Interfaces are defined inside an abstract class.;All methods defined in an interface must be implemented when used by another class.;A true object-oriented design must contain as least one interface.;Question 5.5. Which of the following statements is/are false?;Abstract methods may or may not contain a method body;Abstract methods may be defined in an abstract class, a regular class or an interface;Abstract methods do not specify a return type;None of the above;All of the above;Question 6.6. When developing an object-oriented application, developers are required to comply with specific _____ or rules defined in a framework.;programming styles;object hierarchies;instantiated classes;contracts;None of the above;Question 7.7. Data/information hiding and encapsulation improves construction and maintenance because;Programs become more self-documenting.;Procedural programming practices are supported.;Adding additional details is isolated to a single class.;All of the above;None of the above;Question 8.8. What are some of the characteristics of a "good" comment?;Detailed comments should address all aspects of the code and structure;Code markers should be used to show what the developer still needs to do;Comments showing the intent of the code;All of the above;None of the above;Question 9.9. Which of the following allow a programmer to reduce the complexity of an object-oriented program?;Create each class in a separate file;Using packages as a container for logically related items;Using packages to create global types;All of the above;None of the above;Question 10.10. Which of the following declares an abstract method in an abstract Java class?;public abstract void displayResult();public void abstract displayResult();public void displayResult{};public abstract void displayResult() {};Question 11.11. Given the following class definition, which of the methods defined in ClassB would not be inherited by a derived class?;public class ClassB;void greatMethod();System.out.println("ClassB greatMethod")


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