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Implement (write and test code) a set of classes for a firm




1. I mplement (write and test code) a set of classes for a firm. The firm has three kinds of employees. All employees have the following information need to be recorded;name, SSN, title, base salary.;The following table shows the details of each kind of employees.;Each type of employees needs to provide methods to return the monthly payment amount and process the annual raise of the base salary.;Then, design a class which can maintain all employees. This class needs to use an array (size 9000) to store all employees.;? a method, newemployee, to add a new employee to the array;? a method, payment, to calculate monthly payment amount for every employee;Regular employee;Contractor;Sales;Monthly Payment;Base salary + award;(for the employee with a manager title, award is 1000$, for other employees, award is 500$);Base salary;Base salary + 5% of total sales;Annual raise of base salary;5%;3%;5%;a method, annualraise, to raise the base salary for every employee.


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