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Just need a code JavaScript code in order for the following instructions. The assignment is very quick, just need the correct information/code.;Instructions;JavaScript requirements;? Have a button on your midtermMovie page that prompts the user for the year they were born. Calculate how old they are by taking the current year (2014) and subtracting their age. Display the users age to the user along with the minimum age allowed to see the movie.;o For example, say I am reviewing the movie Frozen (rated PG). I ask the user to input the year they were born and they enter 1973. I might then display ?You are 41 years old. Anyone who is 12 or younger may need parental guidance?.;o Note, you do not need logic for this. If/else statements are not required.;What I have so far;Age Check;Also the code shouldn't be over complicated and something as simplistic as possible and function correctly. I say this because the class is not that far ahead and it can not look as if it came from another source.;I have included the page to write the code to. Message me for the password


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