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"Using the attached files you will be writing a me...




"Using the attached files you will be writing a memo to the Scott Montalvo at Larry?s Landscaping & Garden Supply to explain your findings and recommendations on ways to improve these accounts based on your computer data as well as your outside research. ***In the memo make sure to answer/address the following questions: 2. In A/R Aging Summary describe all past due invoices greater than 90 days including dates and what was purchased on each invoice? 3. In A/P Aging Summary what s the largest vendor liability, what bill makes up this liability, what is the nature of this bill and when was it due? 4. In Inventory Valuation Summary what is the item with the largest on-hand quantity and what was its cost and retail value? ****I hate attached Rubric as a guide******",A/P Aging Summary,inventory valuation summary,You just repeated the same thing. What do you mean? What information do you need?,This is the largest vendor liability from the A/P Aging Summary Report,hope this helps


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