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Activities include completing the Skillsoft courses, the Job Aid review, independent student reading, and research.;Complete the following Skillsoft courses;Essential Selling Skills: Qualifying Sales Prospects;Developing Strong Customer Relationships;Creating and Sustaining a Customer-focused Organization;Customer-Driven Process Improvement: Basic Framework;Customer-Driven Process Improvement: Identifying Customer Needs;Customer-Driven Process Improvement: From Customer Needs to Process Requirements;Customer-Driven Process Improvement: Mapping and Measuring Processes;Customer-Driven Process Improvement: Analyzing Process Problems;Customer-Driven Process Improvement: Identifying Improvement Ideas and Solutions;Customer-Driven Process Improvement: Implementing and Maintaining Improvements;Review the Skillsoft Job Aid, "Preparing to Qualify a Prospect.;Assignment;Choose one of the products or services your company offers, or think of an idea you had to sell a product. Then, follow the steps in the Skillsoft Job Aid: Preparing to Qualify a Prospect.;I need 4 pages of assignment.


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