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1. (4 points) Can a meaningful distinction be drawn between hacking and "cracking"?;2. (2 point) What is meant by "active defense hacking" or "counter hacking"?;3. (2 point) What, exactly, is cybercrime?;4. (6 points) Identify and briefly describe the three categories of "genuine cybercrime" that was examined.;5. (4 points) How might we distinguish between cyber-related crimes that are "cyber-exacerbated" and those that are "cyber-assisted"?;6. (2 point) What is identity theft, and how has it been exacerbated by cyber-technology?;7. (4 points) What is phishing, and how is it related to identity theft?;8. (2 point) What is "entrapment on the Internet" and why has it been controversial?;9. (2 point) how have packet-sniffing programs and keystroke-monitoring technologies assisted law enforcement authorities in fighting cybercrime?;10. (2 point) What is the Patriot Act and why is it controversial?;Make sure to;1) copy and paste the questions to a word document.;2) keep questions in bold font.;3) Answers should be in regular (not bold) font. each answer should follow its question.


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