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Role of Operating System in Server- based Services




Role of Operating System in Server- based Services;For this case assignment you are going to focus on the Fedora network services, web services, file systems and LDAP.;Required;Go to section II of the Red Hat Linux Reference Guide. Read all the sections and work with your Fedora Linux installation. Then answer the following questions in a 3 to 5 page paper and provide evidence you have tested your Linux OS accordingly.;1.Which file systems are supported on your Fedora installation? Which file systems are installed on your system? How do you change the configuration for file systems on your system? Can you install both Ext2 and Ext3 file systems with journaled file systems such as ReiserFS and IBM's journaling? How do you make use of the various file systems?;2.What are the various email options for your server? Experiment with sendmail, qmail and other mail programs. Submit your configuration files for the various mail configurations you have established. What ports did you use for SMTP? Setup the IMAP server and the POP3 server. What are the OS issues in choice of email server?;3.Setup web services on your system included the Apache Web server, ftp server, DHCP server and DNS server. Explain what each does and submit the configuration files to demonstrate your configuration of these services on your system. Demonstrate how you would setup a network of users sharing a common Internet access point using a LAN. What changes do you have to make to your system to allow it to use one IP address and MASQUERADE as the same IP address to other clients on the network?;4.What is LDAP and how is it implemented on your system? What is the role of LDAP in a Linux machine?


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