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DBM 460 Week 2 Business and Management Scenario




DBM 460 Week 2 Business and Management Scenario;This is Part One of a three-part assignment. For this week, you will complete the following;Choose from the following options;? Option 1: Write a 1,050 - to 1,400-word paper.;? Option 2: Create a 7- to 10 - slide presentation. Include videos, audio, photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriate. Include substantial speaker notes, or insert audio narration into your presentation. E xplore the Microsoft PowerPoint ? website to locate instructions on recording audio.;Choose from the following issues;? Increasing sales;? Increasing market share;? Revenue growth;? Operational efficiency;? Cost containment;? Product quality;? Customer satisfaction;Select an issue affecting one of the organizations. Discuss how the organization may implement and use data warehousing to overcome the issue.;Define the data warehouse architecture that would support the recommendations you made to solve the issue you identified.;Include project planning, management, and business requirements in your design.;Create a dimensional model to meet the warehouse?s data needs for the issue.


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