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In Visual Basic 2010, the ____ window allows you to design the graphical user interface for your application.




Question 1.;1. (TCO 1) In Visual Basic 2010, the ____ window allows you to design the graphical user interface for your application. (Points: 5);Property;Solution Designer;Designer;Form Designer;Question 2.;2. (TCO 1) The Solution Explorer window ____. (Points: 5);displays the names of projects and files included in a solution;displays data connections and servers;displays items you can use when creating a project;displays the classes, methods, and properties included in a solution;Question 3.;3. (TCO 3) Short, English-like phrases that are written to represent the steps a program must take to solve a particular problem are called ____. (Points: 5);flowcharts;pseudocode;object code;macro code;Question 4.;4. (TCO 2) The computer automatically initializes a Boolean variable using _____. (Points: 5);spaces;nothing (no data at all);the keyword "False;zero;Question 5.;5. (TCO 5) Assume you have a programming problem that says, "Write a program that gets a price from the user." What does this step represent? (Points: 5);Input;Processing;Output;Concatenation;Question 6.;6. (TCO 5) Assume you need to multiply a price by a quantity and assign the result to a variable called total. In pseudocode, which of the following assignment statements would accomplish this? (Points: 5);price*quantity = total;price X quantity = total;total = price*quantity;total = price X quantity;Question 7.;7. (TCO 3) If you want to store a percent in a Visual Basic variable, you would declare the variable as a(n) _____. (Points: 5);string;double;text;integer;Question 8.;8. (TCO 3) Assume you need to declare a variable in Visual Basic that will hold the sales from the year 2006. Which of the following is a good variable name? (Points: 5);2006Sales;dblSales2006;2006 Sales;None of the above;Question 9.;9. (TCO 4) The diamond flowchart symbol is used to represent the condition in _____ structures. (Points: 5);branching;selection;sequential;empty;Question 10.;10. (TCO 3) Comparison operators are also referred to as ____ operators. (Points: 5);relational;arithmetic;logical;Boolean;Question 11.;11. (TCO 4) A control's ____ event occurs each time the user presses a key while the control has the focus. (Points: 5);PressEnter;KeyEnter;KeyPress;FocusPress;Question 12.;12. (TCO 5) Nesting structures means _____. (Points: 5);placing one structure inside another structure;attaching structures end to end;using go-to statements to direct the path of your program;None of the above;Question 13.;13. (TCO 5) The choices in a dual-alternative If structure _____. (Points: 5);can be executed at the same time;make the program loop over and over again;execute from left to right, ensuring that both branches execute;are mutually exclusive;Question 14.;14. (TCO 5) You use a case structure when _____. (Points: 5);you have one outcome to a decision;you have two outcomes to a decision;you have a large number of decisions based on the value stored in the same variable;None of the above;Question 15.;15. (TCO 6) In a For...Next statement, if stepValue is positive, then startValue must be ____ endValue for the loop instructions to be processed. (Points: 5);less than;more than;less than or equal to;more than or equal to;Question 16.;16. (TCO 6) Adding increments of a negative number is referred to as ____. (Points: 5);decrementing;initializing;deprocessing;negating;Question 17.;17. (TCO 3) If you have only two choices to offer the user, you should use two ____ rather than a list box. (Points: 5);check boxes;text boxes;combo boxes;radio buttons;Question 1.;1. (TCO 7) The ____ method performs a case-sensitive search, which means that the case of the substring must match the case of the string for the method to return the True value. (Points: 5);Insert;IndexOf;Contains;Substring;Question 2.;2.


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