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THE ATTACHMENT IS THE CASE STUDY THAT YOU NEED TO READ IN ORDER TO ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS BELOW;After your review, please answer the following questions and formulate them into an APA formatted paper;How important were the NYCAPS and CityTime Projects for New York City? What were their objectives? What would have been their business benefits?;Evaluate the key risk factors of both projects?;Classify and describe the problems each project encountered as the NYCAPS and CityTime systems were being implemented. What management, organization, and technology factors caused those problems?;Describe the steps you would have taken to control the risk in these projects.;What were the similarities and differences in the management of both projects?;What was the business impact of these botched implementations? Explain your answer.;Describe the steps that should have been taken to prevent negative outcomes in these projects.;Do you believe the project problems were mostly IT-related, or do you think that poor leadership and planning caused the catastrophes? Explain.;Protocol;Write in APA format;Each item will have a proper APA heading;Response to each of the 1-8 items above must be at least 150 words;The paper must have at least five (5) reputable sources with proper citations from these sources;Please submit by the due date


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