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IM 305 Baderman Island week 1




Reservations database for the three hotels on Baderman Island.;Business Rules need to be translated to the attached BRD document. Here are the rules.;Baderman Island would like for you to build a reservation system to support the three hotels on the island. The system would require that a future guests make a reservation for a span of dates. Guests may reserve a type of room, but not a specific room. The specific room will be assigned to each guest at check-in. The room descriptor will include the type and number of beds available and other amenities. Event or conference rooms may also be reserved. Because there are many no-show reservations at the hotels, each hotel will allow a certain percentage of overbooking. This overbooking percentage must be available for each hotel and must be modified dynamically. The reservation system will collect customer and payment information. Future guests will use a credit card to secure their reservation.


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