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PAPER #3: FINAL RESEARCH PAPER;Summary and Conclusions;In this final chapter of your paper, the research process is concluded. The researcher describes how the research problem is resolved through ways that the researcher?s findings answer the research Hypothesis/ Problem Statements (i.e. research questions) of Chapter 1. It is in this chapter that the contributions to knowledge, in the realm of theory, are fully developed and described. This chapter also contains a discussion of the limitations of the analysis and suggestions for future research.;References;This should be the final ?full-list? of references used for the entire paper. They should be in APA 6th Edition format. If you have a citation in the body of your work you must have the appropriate reference in the reference section. Also if you have a reference in your reference section, you must have a citation from that work somewhere in the body of your work. The citations and references must match up.;You will be strictly held to the APA standards. Proper citations, in format and use as well as proper references must be implemented.;The paper is to be in APA format and the body of the paper is to be between 14 and 30 pages with at least 20 peer reviewed references. The body of the paper does not include the title page, table of contents, appendix or references. The paper will be based on a 26-point scale. This is to be of high quality, free of spelling and grammatical errors, and of original work. Plagiarism will be dealt with harshly.;AT NO TIME ARE YOU AUTHORIZED TO CONDUCT RESEARCH, IMPLEMENT SURVEYS OR CONDUCT INTERVIEWS RELATED TO THIS RESEARCH PROJECT. THIS IS A DESIGN PROJECT AND YOU WILL NOT ACTUALLY CARRY OUT THE RESEARCH AS PART OR THIS COURSE.;Submission Instructions;Your Final Research Paper will consist of 26 percent of your grade due at the end of Week 8. You are to submit your research paper as a Word document. This Word document is to be uploaded to this assignment as an attachment.;Your FINAL research paper will consist of your title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction definitions (if any), literature review, hypotheses, research design/methodology, references and appendix (if applicable). Remember matching percent from direct/in-direct quotes should not exceed 15%.


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