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*Data file needed for the Review Assignments: Provider.accdb*;In the Review Assignments, you?ll create a new database to contain information about the suplliers that Belmont Landscapes works with on its landscape design projects. Complete the following steps;1. Create a new, blank database named SUPPLIER, and save it in the access1/Review folder provided with your data files.;2. In datasheet view for the Table 1 table, rename the default ID primary key field to CompanyID. Change the data type of the CompanyID field to text.;3. Add the following 10 fields to the new table in the order shown, all of them are Text fields except InitialContact, which is a Date/Time field: COMPANY, PRODUCT, ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, ZIP, PHONE, CONTACTFIRST, CONTACTLAST, and INITIALVONTACT. Resize columns as necessary so that the complete field names are displayed. Save the table as Company.;4. Enter the recor ds shown in figure 1-30 in the Company table. For the first record, be sure to enter your first name in the ContactFirst field and your last name in the ContactLast field. (Sheila Warnsley);5. Oren created a database named Provider that contains a business table with supplier data. The company table you created has the same design as the business table. Copy all the records from the Business table in the PROVIDER database (located in the Access1/Review folder provided with your data files) and paste them at the end of the Company table in the Supplier Database.;6. Resize columns in the datasheet, as necessary, so that all the field values are completely displayed, and then save the Company table.;7. Close the Company table, and then use the Navigation pane to reopen it. Note that the records are displayed in primary key order.;8. Use the simple Query Wizard to create a Query that includes the Company, Product, ContactFirst, ContactLast, and phone fields (in that order) from the Company table.;9. Use the form tool to create a form for the company table. Save the form as CompanyInfo, and then close it.;10. Use the report tool to create a report based on the Company table. In Layout view, Resize the CompanyID, City, State, Zip, phone, ContactFirst, ContactLast, and InitialContact fields so that they are slightly wider than the longest entry (either the field name itself or an entry in the field). Also, resize the box containing the total amount that appears below the CompanyID column so that the amount is completely displayed. Display the report in print preview and verify that all the fields fit across two pages in the report. Save the report as CompanyDetails, and then close it;11. Close the Company Table, and then compact and repair the Supplier database.;12. Close the supplier database


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